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  • Carmella Nucci

    You Can Call Me...: mella or nucci or put it together what do ya got mellanucci lol

    Hometown: Shannon, North Carolina

    Day Job: Entertainer

    Favorite Diva: Beyonce

    Favorite Music Video: too many to choose from

    Favorite Emoji:

    Favorite Food or Cocktail: Moscow Mule .. Pasta!

    Favorite Outfit to Slay In: Comfy is always best

    Girl Crush: right now Kareena Evans

    Dancefloor Jam: juvenile "back that up"

    Fave Beauty Product: moisturizer

    My Hashtag Is: #someonelefttheirgainsagain

    A Secret.. can't tell you it's a secret

    Personal Mantra: speak it into the universe

  • Diamond Price

    You Can Call Me...: Diamond

    Hometown: Atlanta, Ga

    Day Job: Enterprise Car Sales

    Favorite Diva: Ciara

    Favorite Music Video: Level Up

    Favorite Emoji: Kissy Face

    Favorite Food or Cocktail: BlackBerry Sangria

    Favorite Outfit to Slay In: FASHIONNOVA

    Girl Crush: COMMON

    Dancefloor Jam: WORK BY RIHANNA

    Fave Beauty Product: MAC

    My Hashtag Is: #iamsavage

    A Secret...: I am terrified of ladybugs

    Personal Mantra: Hustle hard or fail

  • Dominique Saunders

    You Can Call Me...: Dominique

    Hometown: Bronx, New York

    Day Job: Fitness Studio - Sales

    Favorite Diva: Nicki Minaj

    Favorite Music Video:

    Favorite Food or Cocktail: Margarita

    My Hashtag Is: #QueenBehavior

    Personal Mantra: Inhale the good, exhale the bad